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Hello, welcome to  Marriage in Turkey
If you are reading this right now that means you have found your life long soul mate and you are ready to celebrate it. Congratulation's!
This site is for people who has dreams, does not like
stereotype, want's to enjoy and feel every second of their wedding celebration.
This is the right address for free soul's!
As you are getting ready, for the most important and personal day of your life
During this process we know how uptight, nervous and excited you are; we know this process very well because we have given the perfect wedding to over 207 other couples before you.
Relax this is why we are here! you can ask us as many questions, as you like, spoil your self and enjoy the process and let us do all the hard work for you.

Express Marriage Package International

This package arranges express marriage for couples from arround the world on the idyllic fairytale places located in the southhern part of Turkey.Please contact us for your requirements and we send you all the necessary requirements for your legal marriage.The Ceremony will take place at local municibality.

Express Marriage Includes

Legal administration and Wedding planner in Turkey
Asistance for official paperwork ,translation and notary
Arranging Date & Time
Local Municipality charges including International Wedding Certificate
Transfers for to/from health check for your compulsory medical report
Arranging the Ceremony Officiator
Two witnesess for the ceremony
A wedding coordinator in Turkey helps for your pre-wedding arrangements.
Loan of Turkish mobile phone so that you can be in contact with your wedding planner whilst in resort.
1570 € + Wedding planner travel expenses. More>>>


After Marriage Ceremony  Celebration - Sea Breeze Luncheon

Cruise Includes

Daily Yacht  Cruise
Pre-Boarding for Bridal party
Hosted soda, juice, local alcoholik drinks, coffee and tea.
Gourmet seated Lunch
Costimized Wedding Cake & Champagne toast for the couple and witnesess.
DJ performans music
Candle centerpieces
Personal Wedding Coordination
All incidentals,linens,glassware,table and chairs,fuel,crew,insurance,cleaning,bar staff.
Tax,landing fee and service charge are additional

Pricing: Stars at  
€ 50 per guest additionally to Express Marriage Package  

Available for cruises departing by 1:00pm. From Fethiye and Göcek Port
. More>>>

Marriage or Legal  Marriage ceremony  needed legal paperwork preparation which is as easy as winking  You will  informed about all information and documents you need to supply. First and foremost, you must be at least 18 years old to get married .
Your marriage  or civil partnership should be recognised in the your country if you follow the correct process according to local law.


Enjoy creating your marriage ceremony or wedding reception in a desirable destination.
Getting married in Turkey does not have to be as complicated as it might sound. Marriage in Turkey is based in South Agean and has been asisting hundreds of couples.
Yacht weddings, beach weding, civil marriage ceremony and reception is available in a villa, in a yacht  or in one of the ancient city ...Everything is depends your wishes and your dream..

63th Marriage Ceremony in Turkey with us ...  
Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are a couple in love and in search of the perfect place to get married. Unable to find exactly what they wanted online or in wedding magazines, they decided to leave their home in Manchester, England, and look for that perfect spot and ultimate experience by travelling around the world and seeing for themselves.

Since early 2011, they have participated in more than three dozen wedding ceremonies in over 25 countries, in the two years they have been on the road.

23rd November , a couple in search of the perfect wedding will be travelling to Hidden paradise Dalyan-Muğla –Türkiye . Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are on the road checking out wedding cultures worldwide. Local world-class wedding “Marriageinturkey” by Şebnem Akdemir  is engaged with them in reaching out to local wedding vendors to help plan a special ceremony in Dalyan. So far they are planning  and rely on the help of Turkey vendors.


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